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Our Story

Niki and Szabi met 20 years ago in their hometown of Hungary before an exciting job opportunity took them to England. The couple settled and worked at catering business in London. 

When their first child, Armin (now nine years old), was born, they were close to returning to Hungary but decided to move to the countryside instead, a decision that they both say is the best they’ve ever made for their young family. 


The cafe chain they both worked for was opening new outlets so they found themselves in the beautiful riverside town of Henley-on-Thames. Niki and Szabi fell in love with the place straight away and in April 2015 their second son, Bojta (now X years old), was born, completing their happy family. 

Szabi joined Corner 81, the cafe at Henley Rugby Club, in July 2017 and the following year, after some serious soul-searching and late night conversations, the couple decided to take on the ownership and in August 2018, Menza Cafe opened its doors. 


Both Niki and Szabi love being part of the Henley Rugby Club and are incredibly grateful for the amazing community support they have received since opening. What was once Henley's best kept secret, has rapidly gained a reputation for a relaxed destination that serves excellent food by friendly staff. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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